This clearance find is ABSOLUTELY one of the BEST ones I have seen – EVER! One of our Glitch Community members on Facebook found these 16 piece Rachel Ray Cookware Sets for the unbelievable low clearance price of JUST 70¢ each at Walmart! Is that not the most insane price EVER??? Clearance prices can vary by store location. YMMV!


In addition to the cookware sets the Slow Cookers were ringing up $8.00, Metal Drink Coolers $1, Copper cups $1.00 and the water bottles were $2.00! Thank you Ava for sharing your incredible Clearance Haul with us!

Want more Glitch Deals? Join our Glitch Community HERE. A Glitch is a price error or a coupon code taking off more than it should. When purchasing a glitch deal, we suggest you use a burner card just in case. Glitch Ettique: Never call a store on an active glitch, unless they take too much money out of your account. Sometimes with glitches, you may or may not receive a confirmation email or a shipping email, we know it can be frustrating. Give it time. Sometimes the products show up without any confirmation or shipping email. Do not be rude to other members who may purchase more than one item of a glitch. Some people will buy more, and that is up to them; neither you nor I have a right to say anything about it.

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