Wally World Clearance 101: Take the Tour!

Are you ready? It’s finally here! If you love to clearance shop at Walmart and were sick of those “other” inventory checker tools being unreliable or just plain wrong, I think you’re going to find Wally World Clearance a refreshing change of pace!

This article is to point out all the many features the site has to offer and to help with some basic troubleshooting if you’re confused by the data you are finding.

The Heart of It All: The Inventory Checker Tool — you are going to love this. Info is updated daily from Walmart stores across the country. You can search using your zip code to see the area stores around you.  The good news is, inventory is updated every couple of hours from Walmart. You’ll need your zip code and the SKU to check your items….which leads me to my next point…..

Find a SKU – If I had a nickel for every time I saw an AMAZING deal in a group but no SKU and had to head over to Walmart.com, and then try my luck attempting to hit the right keywords to bring up the correct item to FIND the SKU…well, you know. I’d be rich! Wally World Clearance features an awesome tool – a SKU finder. No leaving the site to hunt down the SKU number. It’s super easy to use and located right below the inventory checker tool – just go HERE and enter any keywords about the item. Let’s try storage bins for example:

The SKU number appears where I highlighted. Now you’re set to take that to the inventory checker and see what’s available in a store near you. Cool, huh? Click “find this product” highlighted in red. It will take you back to the inventory checker with the SKU filled in. Type in your zip code and search.

Walmart Coupons/Sales — As RARE as Walmart coupons are, they do come up on occasion. They’re all here and THIS PAGE will tell you what is on clearance or deep discount at Walmart.com.

Let’s run a search now shall we? One item on my daughter’s Christmas list is the Spark Kitchen Sink set, which is crazy hard to find. I looked up the SKU using the SKU finder, and then plugged in my zip code and searched.

Awesome! I find one is hopefully in stock and in the Toy Department. It even gives an aisle number!

What happens when your search doesn’t go as hoped? Here’s some messages you may see and what they mean.